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Now available in English

I have had a request after my booklets in English. A good friend has helped me with the translation, and now you can buy 7 of them in English. I’ve translated my name too, so you’ll find me as Mrs VisualArt. You can sign in(It’s free) and have my booklet: Booklet: Draw a Giraffe – FOR FREE!

Draw a giraffe - frontpage

You can find my TeachersPayTeachers store at  MrsVisualArt here.

antelopes - frontpageKind camels - frontpageCool cats - frontpagePretty penguins - frontpageStill life - frontpageRaccoons - frontpage

If you are an art blogger and like my blog, and would like to tell about my books, I’ll will send you one for free. Please email me: frubilledkunst – at – gmail.com

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